Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weather Sucks. Economy Sucks. Sports Nice.

With all four teams in some sort of action, yesterday epitomized what a great sports town Detroit is.

The Tigers win in 12 innings behind a grand slam from one of their young sluggers. And the Tigers continue to win games despite half their players not being able to buy a hit. It looks like this is going to be a season filled with quality pitching and dramatic home runs. And lots of wins.

The Pistons secured the top seed in the East by beating Orlando. Let's make it five conference championship appearances in a row. And win that and anything can happen in the finals.

The Red Wings are revamped and grittier than ever as they begin the playoffs tonight at Joe Louis Arena. It’s been a while since the wings have got me excited, but I like our chances this year, and how the torch has been passed to a new generation of wings, in Zetterberg and Datsyk.

And the Lions found out what their schedule would be for the 2007 season. Unfortunately for the Lions they will continue to play against other teams in the NFL, so even with improvement I can see no more than six wins in 2007. I am also looking forward to the season opener in Oakland when Josh McCown, freshly traded from the lions, beats the Lions after a 4th quarter Jon Kitna turn over.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We’ll always have spring time in hockey town

I am excited for the upcoming Red Wings playoff battles, but if I have learned a thing or two about Detroit sports, it is do not get your expectations too high for the Wings come playoff time (more as of late) and never expect the Lions to win a game, ever.

It is impressive the Wings have been to the playoffs for sixteen consecutive seasons and have won the Western Conference the past three seasons (or something like that.)
The Wings have an amazing organization. But with pro hockey, you wait and wait for the playoffs, and then you get all excited and then your team loses in the first round. Plus, twice in the past three seasons they have lost as the #1 seed to the #8 seed, once getting swept in four games. That was pain. Like being a Lions fan pain.