Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please Draft Suh!

The only thing that makes me crazier than the Detroit Lions is their fans. I should know better but I'm always lurking in the fan forums and even in the depths of the off-season the fans have plenty to say.

Last year it was we can't draft a quarterback we need defense. So everybody was on the Aaron Curry bandwagon who the press and draft pundits had rated the #1 defensive prospect. When they took the quarterback #1 fans were apoplectic. How could they do that before they drafted defense to what is and continues to be one of the WORST DEFENSES IN NFL HISTORY year after pathetic year.

This year everybody is happy with the QB pick. That turned out well and since the guy just turned 22 we can shift our focus from needing a quarterback hopefully for a decade or more to fix that defense. Except there are some people who want to draft a left tackle. huh? Don't we already have 2 first-round offensive tackles on our O-line already. Sure they're not great but not talked about as the worst in the history of the league. And for those who insisted on defense, doesn't it seem as though the time is right to draft a defensive player in the 1st round. Since the 1999 draft we have drafted defense only once - Ernie Sims our much maligned weak side linebacker. (In that time we have drafted 3 OT's - one being Stocker McDougle a huge bust.)

Add in we have a chance to draft a 300 pound Defensive Tackle that could be one of the true athletic freaks of the last few drafts and now the fans say pass? I hate the term no-brainer. But it applies here. We need this guy to be the guy offensive coordinators need to game plan around for the next decade.

Also don't get how fans say, let's trade down and save money and get a couple of cheaper, less talented players. I really don't give a shit how much the best player costs the Lions. The economics is not my problem. If they didn't want to spend a lot of money on their rookies they could have hired people who would have run the team better so they didn't need to draft that high. The only way the move not to take Suh makes sense if he rates out as good as a a handful of other players they could take back a few picks in the first round.

And just for the record, I will be apoplectic if the Lions don't take Suh. This guy got more sacks in the Big 12 championship game than the Lions did all last season. (or pretty close.) Got to do it. Please get this done.