Friday, December 31, 2010

Obligatory, Overdue and Somewhat Lame End of Year Post

It wasn't the best of times and things could have been worse. ( See what I did there. Take the classics as inspiration and then completely butcher them.) Not such a good year for Detroit Sports or this blog as it appears after lacking motivation through August I completely fell down on the job for the rest of the year. So here is one last post before we move onto 2011 and the grand egress of the still unwritten future of Detroit sports.

As it does every year, most of my psychic energy was consumed by the Detroit Lions which, at its worst, can be like a swift kick to the balls. You can always tell how things are going to be for the Lions from the first half of their first game. Two years ago there was the debacle in Atlanta where the Falcons pounced on them for three first quarter touchdowns and we never looked back all the way to a historic 0-16 season. This year it was the injury to our hot shot young quarterback and HOPE (all caps) at the end of the first half in Chicago. At that moment, you knew it would be another lost year and whatever curse it is the Lions operate under would continue. Of course now, with the benefit of hindsight, and the Lions season mercifully coming to its conclusion Sunday we can feel good about a three game win streak and the ending of some of the most wretched losing streaks in the history of pro sports. The arrow is pointing up with these guys just in time for labor armageddon in the NFL and the real possibility of an abbreviated or canceled next season.

At the other end of the franchise continuum, is the Red Wings. The perennial Stanley Cup contenders are reloaded for another playoff run. Again, my only beef with the Red Wings is the NHL and all the games they play on the west coast which play too late for this soon to be middle aged man. My love for hockey always kicks in with the colder weather and the promise of another summer solstice with the Stanly Cup safely back at home in Detroit.

The big news is the emergence of the MSU Spartans as the dominating Big Ten team from the state of Michigan. Although we were probably one of the least impressive 11-1 teams in college football, maybe we can come up huge against Alabama in the New Year's Day bowl game and turn Nick Saban into the neurotic mess he becomes when he loses. The hoops team looks a bit sick but we always seem to pull it together come tournament time, so look forward to that.

That just leaves the Tigers and the sad sack Pistons. That's the one thing I've written on this year, the wretched state of the Pistons which has caused me to lose all interest in pro hoops. Will it be the Celtics or the Lakers, or maybe Lebron and his posse in Miami? Yawn.

Anyway, pretty weak but that will have to do. It would be huge and provide some serious mojo for the future if the following happened this weekend. The Spartans win their bowl game and the Lions win their fourth straight.

As Mickey Redmon might say, 'Katie unbar the door'. Full speed ahead into 2011.