Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Trailer Park Girls Go Round the Outside

Okay, yes, it has been a spell since I fed my little baby.

My excuse is a general lack of excitement in Detroit sports lately (I know, bear with me for a second here.)

True, the Red Wings did go ahead and win the Stanley Cup (as Scotty predicted) but I was too busy in my revelry to get analytical. How can the mere words of an amateur compete alongside the visceral feeling of millions celebrating another Stanley Cup victory? I will say that I believe (or maybe more hope) that the Wings are heading for a new dynasty.( A New Dynasty for the New Century. I like the sound of that.) If Lidstrom can hold out a few more years and with Zetterberg and Datsyk coming into their primes, along with a strong supporting cast of characters like Johan Franzen, it's possible for the Wings to get a couple more Stanley Cups in the next five years. I am one greedy bastard when it comes to Red Wings and Stanley Cups. Now we got Marian Hossa, who, I hope (again), will put this team on his shoulders and win a few games in next year’s playoffs. (BTW, do you think Mike Illitch signed him because he has the same first name as his wife.)

The Tigers were a huge disappointment. In less than two years they went from the overachieving and lovable underdogs to bloated overpaid underperformers led by their poster child (and bad luck charm) Gary Sheffeld. (Though I can’t help but identify with disgruntled/underperforming worker – that’s my shtick!) Hopefully, something can be salvaged after they dismantle this monstrosity of a payroll.

Which all gets me to the Lions. The reason I am back from my hiatus! The Detroit Lions are 3-0. Granted, this is the pre-season. And they were 6-2 at one point last year. But I am ready to believe in now (or today) or whatever their cheesy slogan is. My expectations are low; let’s just not suck this year boys. I think we can get there. Because the NFL really does have a lot of crappy teams.