Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Patriots and Lions share similar lack of success

The football season is over. The New York Giants are the champions after their improbable victory over the New England Patriots.

Of course, the Detroit Lions didn’t even come close to the playoffs despite a 6-2 start. The minute the players sniffed any sort of success somebody reminded them they were Detroit Lions. The second half of the season was a more familiar and comfortable 1-7. (I was lucky enough to see that uninspiring victory over the hapless Kansas City Chiefs. I was the one actively rooting against the Lions so they could break a record they should own - the first team to lose their last 8 games after going 6-2.)

Well some NFL teams did better than others, Matt Millen, has his own definition of success and failure in the top league of professional football, Because and I quote from the Lions web site, “For Lions President and CEO Matt Millen, success in the National Football League is simple: “The team that wins the Super Bowl is successful and the 31 other teams are not.”

If we are to believe this philosophy then the New England Patroits 18-1 are every bit as successful as the Lions 31-81 record the last seven years. I'll say this for Matt Millen, he's got some balls on him.