Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's All About The Red Wings Now

Ok, it's time to get really excited about the Red Wings. We are in the conference finals and typically when we make it this far we make it all the way (except for last year, but the wings much more healthy this go round.) It's always those pesky early rounds that provide the serious trouble.

We cruised so fast through that second round I did not have a chance to let the good people of Nashville know that as hockey fans, they are not so bad. They were loud and behind their team and played in a role in beating the wings in that game 3 or 4, or whatever game that was. I can't remember if the series even went six games? What I do know is that the Wings have won six games in a row and that I would still like Nashville to lose their franchise to a Canada city, preferably London or Kitchener. Huh, got that.

So i say it's all about the Red Wings because the Pistons just drive me crazy. I can't get handle on what's going with those dudes. They seem as indifferent to winning as this casual fan. I can take it or I can leave it. I am even feeling sorry for the overmatched Orlando Magic. At least they want to win, even though the Pistons seem to own them.

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