Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lions 2008 Season - One and Done

This email from a friend says it all about the Lions opening game.

Oh my god,
I didnt think it was going to be that bad.
I really thought six - nine wins.

This season is DOA.

The first quarter was brutal. The Lions were like a basketball team that couldn't get a defensive stop. The Falcons scored on their first three possessions like the defense was not there.

The Atlanta Falcons then ran and ran and ran all afternoon. More than 300 yards on the ground.

It was pathetic. Even for the Lions, it was disappointing and a little bit shocking. But not completely unexpected.

This was a major meltdown.

And it comes back to the fundamental problem with the Detroit Lions. Their complete lack of competitiveness. They just do not have the desire or talent to be a respectable NFL team.

Now comes the Monday morning recriminations. The coach insisting that he believes in this team. And the players who do not show up on Sunday are all there to make excuses for the reporters.

And how did the veteran leadership do?

Jeff Backus? The seven year veteran (?) had a false start on his second play of the game. Apparently, the other offensive tackle got pushed around too. I think it is time to put in the rookie. I think it's time to seriously clean house, man. Play the young guys. Please.

And Jon Kitna, the veteran quarterback and resident bible thumper. What a douche! He was yelling at the receiver's coach like a jackass, making questionable decisions on the field that ruined any chances to get back in the game and will come to define this season. This guy is on the very back-end of an extremely mediocre career. You got to be kidding that we'll try to squeeze out four or five wins with a guy who won't be able to walk two years from now.

Where do you start to build with this team?

I thought it was going to work with this coach. In Rod We Trust. A nice slogan but I don't think it's going to happen. If a team can't get motivated for the first game of the season and in fact suffers a meltdown (that was eerily similar to the one that happened in Philadelphia last year after starting 2-0) what can you really expect.

I'll be watching this season like one gawks at the remains of a bad traffic accident.

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