Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Detroit Lions Schedule

The NFL released the 2010 season schedule on Tuesday and as usual it looks pretty scary for the Lions, only because once again they have to play NFL teams which as we know they don't do too well against.

Of course with the draft and the off-season optimism many bold predictions are being made about the Lions winning as many as 7-8 games. I do not share in this optimism and think the Lions are a still a few seasons away from any sort of respectability. There is a pretty good chance that the Lions could make it four years in a row as the worst defense in the NFL. Though there has been improvement with the defense with some new names it'll be young unproven guys and veterans who washed out with their last teams. On the other hand, the Lions offense could actually be pretty good.

The top end with the Lions will be six wins. Hopefully they win a game on the road before they break their own record of road futility with their 25th straight road loss (they are currently are at 22).

The only wins I can see are St Louis, Washington, Buffalo, Chicago and Tampa Bay. (5-11) And maybe they steal another one somewhere.

Game 1 @ Chicago
Game 2 vs Philadelphia
Game 3 @ Minnesota
Game 4 @ Green Bay
Game 5 vs St. Louis
Game 6 @ New York Giants
Game 7 vs Washington
Game 8 vs New York Jets
Game 9 @ Buffalo
Game 10 @ Dallas
Game 11 vs New England
Game 12 vs Chicago
Game 13 vs Green Bay
Game 14 @ Tampa Bay
Game 15 @ Miami
Game 16 vs Minnesota

My bold predictions bolded.

UPDATE: I predicted 5-11 and as I write this the Lions are 5-10. Of course they let easy ones slip away from them like the Buffalo Bills and completely self destructed when they could have scored a huge upset (the NY Jets) but six wins for this teams is a possibility going into Sunday and would be huge.