Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dre Bly sez 'Let Me Go'

This is classic Detroit Lions news. Dre Bly has informed the Lions that he wants to be traded.

Matt Millen must think that players trade themselves. This Bly situation appears to be oddly similar to the Joey Harrington fiasco, where the Lions decide they didn’t want a player after any other option had been exhausted and then lose all leverage in any potential deal. You would think that they could anticipate these things. That maybe a cornerback like Bly does not fit with their Tampa Two system and then trade him right away, before the other 31 teams are aware he is available. And also not wait for his value to go way down, like over the course of last season, where after two pro bowl seasons Bly was made captain (perhaps to reward calling out Harrington in the press for getting Mooch fired) and then proceeded to have his worst season as a Lion. On the other hand, he did play in all 16 games, and he is a decent enough player. And he is the best corner back on our roster. He may not be the right player for the new defensive system, but it will be tough to find somebody better.

It seems to me the best NFL front offices are ruthless in the way they operate. Is it asking too much for a little foresight to see things before they actually happen?

As we all know, its obvious Matt Millen should be fired. The 24-72 record speaks for itself. But to get to that dismal and unprecedented record of failure required the singular ability to do absolutely nothing right. This is professional football Mr. Ford. I know the whole world must seem like a fantasy to you, with all that wealth and absolutely no consequences or punishment for failure. But it’s time to wake the fuck up and get with your son Bill to find a “way forward” for the Lions too.

Lions fans have been asking for a trade for a while now: Matt Millen for somebody competent. If the Lions can do the same thing for Dre Bly, they can surely do it for their long suffering fans.

UPDATE: This actually turned out well for the Lions. We got a running back and offensive lineman for the disgruntled and over-rated Bly. Hey, even a broken clock is right two times a day. Matt Millens still can suk it.

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