Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is what I call irony

From the February 17th edition of the Detroit News:
Millen spoke briefly as he was leaving town to prepare for business related to next week's annual combine testing and workouts for draft prospects in Indianapolis.

Millen is a member of the NFL's Competition Committee and will attend meetings in advance of the combine, which begins Wednesday

Matt Millen on the competition committee? If it didn't hurt so bad it would be funny.

I hate the fact that the Lions have this guy in charge. It ruins any love I can have. He is a completely unloveable loser.

Seriously, 24-72 in six wretched years and he is on the NFL competition committee. If the guy had any sort of principles or integrity he would resign his position. He has to know what a joke this is. Hubris is one strong intoxicant.

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Ian C. said...

Maybe Mr. Ford sent Millen to the Competition Committee, hoping he'd learn something about actually competing in the NFL.

Either that, or the league named him to the committee, knowing that whatever ideas Millen came up with, they should do the exact opposite and it'd all work out okay.