Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lions Now Players in NFL Power Rankings

Somebody please slug me in the gut! Not one but two ESPN NFL power ranking "gurus" have the Lions at #12 for week 5. That means we are in the top third of the NFL. Can the Lions really be better than two out of three NFL teams? This is rarified air for the Lions and I don't know how long they are going to be able to breathe up there. We are no doubt a bit over-rated, probably because everybody loves the Mike Martz offense and the Lions have been lucky enough to play some pretty poor teams.

Now it’s on to Washington. It’s always one step forward then a few steps back with the Lions and I am fully prepared for the worst. Yet I niavely hope for something better. The Lions history in D.C. is ugly, many a blow out and embarrassments. I am just hoping to be competitive. Let’s keep it close. Which is quite possible since the Redskins offense is not all that. Not sure what the under is for this game but I think we are looking at a low scoring affair. Whatever happens I am happy. The Lions could be 3-2 going into their bye week, which was at the higher end of my pre-season hopes.

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