Monday, October 1, 2007

The Soft Bigotry of My Low Expectations

Go ahead and color me honolulu blue and silver impressed with the Lions 34 point 4th quarter Sunday afternoon. They set a freaking record against one of last year's Super Bowl teams! (Though it looks as if the Chicago Bears will play out the sad encore of a next season all recent losing Super Bowl teams seem to endure.)

When I think of the Lions breaking records it's for such things as losing 24 straight road games - a full three seasons worth. Most points ever by an NFL team in a quarter, this may be the high water mark for the Lions season. We may look back on this like when the statue of Saddam fell in Baghdad.

But maybe, just maybe, the Lions are in the "last throes" of their pathetic six year run. CouldRod Marinelli and all this "pound the rock" nonsense really work? Because usually they are busy losing games in the fourth quarter and now they go ahead and break a record for scoring points. They have flipped the script.

My two football teams, all I want is 7 wins. The Spartans can go to a bowl game with 7 wins. Not any prestigious bowl game, but they do go to a bowl, and it has been a few seasons since that has happened. They only need to win three of their final seven games. That seems doable. Andwith the Lions a .500 hundred season would be awesome but even winning just seven games would be great, since that means no double digit loss total.

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