Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Matt Millen's April Fools Day Interview

Maybe this is not an April Fool's article, but the the "Freep" quotes Matt Millen in today's edition as saying, "I don't think we have painted ourselves into a hole. We have options draft wise."

Perhaps he is referring to the fact that so many former draft picks have been released and/or not re-signed. ("That's what we in the business call roster space.") They have unburdened themselves from former first round pick (Kevin Jones) and four second round picks (Shaun Rogers, Boss Bailey, Ted Lehman and Kalimba Edwards) in just the past month. And that doesn't take into account their trifecta of big-time busts of years past: Joey, Chuck and Mikey.

Also, they have an interview with Boy Wonder Ford and you have to love this vote of confidence for Millen:

It’s no secret you were high on Millen in the beginning. Do you have the same feeling now?

“Matt doesn’t report to me, and as a result, it’s probably not right that I comment on it.

It's not right that I comment that Millen sucks. 31-81. If he was a vehicle in our Ford lineup, he would be the Ford Expedition. Grotesquely big, lumbering and slow; a gas guzzling, bullshit spewing vessel from another era.

One commenter said that Ford could have mentioned he was a good broadcaster. But I always thought he sucked at that too. He talked in cliches and said the most obvious things and reveled in his buffoon persona. The guy could play football. He needed to keep it there.

Matt Millen. Here's to you keeping it April Fool's Day all year long.

(And I know this has been mentioned before, but the NFL must have put him on the competition committee as an April Fool's joke and forget to take him off.)

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