Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tigers Lose Opener in Extra Innings Classic

"Oh my goodness gracious isn't that terrible, Henny Penny the sky is going to fall."

Okay maybe not, even after the Tiger lose their opener to their lowly division rivals, the Kansas City Royals. For me anyway, this makes sense because I met some Royals fans traveling through Costa Rica in December, and they were the first to inform me of that big Cabrera/Willis trade. They were concerned that this move was not a win/win, that it seriously impacted the Royals chances of winning the pennant, But I assured them "don't worry, it doesn't matter how good the Tigers will be because the Royal's suck!" Sorry Tiger fans, I jinxed it for everybody,

But i digress. People (and I mean the media and sports radio) take it easy on the bullpen. These guys are pretty sensitive and will need some confidence for the next 161 games (and hopefully more.) I think we left like 10 guys on base, so that can't happen. They're talking the Tigers possibly scoring a 1000 runs this season, which averages more than 7 runs a game. So if that was the case, we would have won this thing. And I think the Royals might actually be a good, scrappy young team. And don't the Royals seem to always beat us. They kept us being from central division champs in the last weekend of the 2006 team and now they have spoiled our undefeated season.

Keep the faith. This kind of stuff would not shake Uncle Donny.

"You go to war with the bullpen you have..not the bullpen you wish you had."

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