Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sheffield is Long Gone

This news just hitting the wires....the Tigers have released slugger Gary Sheffield. This took some general managerial balls but it's the right move. Sheffield is a has been, and has been an albatross around the last two teams he's played for, locker room poison and brings nothing but bad vibes, even when he is hitting decently. (According to the Detroit News this is stunning because the Tigers will eat his $14 million contract.)

Granted, I had a different opinion when the Tigers first acquired him after the 2006 season. As I remember it, he was crying about his contract in New York, threatening to hold out unless he received an extension. The Tigers off their magical 2006 season gladly swallowed him up in a trade, surrendering promising prospects in the process.

As we all know the last two Tigers seasons have went south and though Sheffield has hit well at times, he's mostly been injured or pissed off, or both. This is pretty much the way it went down when he was with the Yankees. He is living proof that baseball is the most individual of the team sports.

It will be much easier to pull for the Tigers this year with Sheffield gone. It's nice to know that Leyland's buddy was not cut a break (another guy who has lost much of his magic over the past two seasons.) I will say it is admirable that Sheffield never did take steroids (as far as we know) and I'm sure he'll hook up with a new team but good riddens and I'm glad the Tigers made the brave decision to move on.

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