Tuesday, March 31, 2009

With the Lions, the Draft is a Warm Gun, WIth No Safety

After the majority of early mock drafts indicated otherwise, it now turns out the "experts" think Detroit will not draft the golden boy quarterback and instead play it safe, and pick a left tackle or this can't miss linebacker prospect

They base this on the new coach Jim Schwartz being smart and thinking things through. According to Peter King of SI, ""Schwartz won't be cowed into drafting Georgia's Matthew Stafford just because he's a good quarterback...If Schwartz has sincere doubts about any aspect of Stafford's game, he'll take someone better at his position."

You would think after eight seasons of horrific drafting preceded by merely bad drafting, it would be old man Ford begging for the safe pick. Not the coach who just rode into town and needs a quarterback. The new guy can afford to gamble. If history serves, his career is over anyway.

And this whole off-season I've been driving myself crazy, silently pleading, whatever you do, just do not draft a quarterback at #1. Especially this one. The guy didn't even finish his senior year. With all due respect, he almost lost a bowl game to Michigan State in 2009. I am State fan and grad and I know that's not good.

But, little by little, I have come to accept the fact that maybe we'll draft the quarterback #1. The guy does have a rifle for an arm and it would be nice to see him thrown downfild to CJ. So whatever happens, I'm at peace.

p.s. And this just came to me. In 2008, Matt Ryan beat Michigan State in a bowl game and went on to become the Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback and led them to the playoffs. Maybe now that Stafford did the same against State in 2009, he can write this same script for the Lions. Heheheh...Yeah, like that'll happen.

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