Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2008 Lions Calender Update

This is a repost. As a gift for Christmas 2007, I received a 2008 Lions Calendar. Thankfully this past Christmas I was spared that gift. Let's take a look at who was "featured" and where they are now.

Lions 2008 Calendar Update:

January - Jon "10 Win" Kitna Traded to Dallas March 2009
February - Kenoy Kennedy Released March 2008
March - Jeff "False Start" Backus
April - Boss Bailey Not re-signed. Signed by Denver Broncos March 2008.
May - Mike "Call Me' Furrey Released February 2009
June - Ernie "You See, the Lions Can't Mess Up All Their First Round Draft Picks" Sims
July - Dan "Are You Sure He's on the Team" Campbell Released February 2009
August - Cory "Better Step Up This Year" Redding Traded to Seattle March 2009
September - Kalimba Edwards Released March 2008
October - Kevin Jones Released March 2008
November - Fernando Bryant Released February 2008
December - Roy "Not Here Much Longer" Williams Traded to Dallas October 2008

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