Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wings was Robbed

"If it ain't rough, it ain't right."

That's what the Pistons used to say but now it's happening to the Red Wings. (BTW look at Chauncey Billips and the Nuggets making it look easy against the Mavs in the NBA playoffs.)

Last night the Wings lost game three to the Ducks and find themselves down 2 games to one. The Ducks took back the home ice "advantage" after a late Wings goal was disallowed when the referee lost sight of a clearly loose puck. So not only did the Wings lose, but they lost in a pretty demoralizing way. If that goal had been properly allowed, we'd be looking at overtime (again) and the Wings with the momentum.

To be honest, and this might be blasphemous, but this is shaping up to be a exciting series. I am looking forward to the Wings battling back and winning this thing. As nice as it was to win the Stanley Cup last year, no team ever gave them a good fight. There was only a spell in the first series with the Nashville Predators where a team threatened to take control of a series. After they put out that fire they rolled onto victory.

Since the game last night was on the west coast and started late, I fell asleep way before the ending, so I did not have that full emotional investment in the last minute debacle. But I think this will give the Wings "us against the world" attitude they will need to win this series and continue on to the Stanley Cup.

Of course all that being said, the Wings absolutely need to win this next game. It's a must win. We can't be going down 3-1. That would be really bad. But this next game will be huge and I can't wait to see how the Wings respond and win this game.

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