Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions Week 1: The New Orleans Saints

It's been a long long time coming. This football off-season took many years or at least it felt like it. I guess that's what happens when your team becomes the first to go winless for sixteen weeks. (The losing streak is now at 17 games.)

And just what happened during the off-season, not a whole lot. Just a new general manager, a new head coach, a new rookie quarterback and 32 new players on the roster not even to mention a new logo.

Even after all that, the Lions still should be pretty bad. This season will actually be considered successful if the Lions win four or five games and just show improvement and some way out of their horrible condition.

The NFL did them no favors with their schedule. And first up is the New Orleans Saints, the #1 passing offense against the absolute worst pass defense. This will be trouble.

I just hope for something competitive and something watchable, which is asking a lot when it comes to the Detroit Lions.

My prediction, no clue: New Orleans 38, Lions 24.

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