Friday, September 11, 2009

Lions Win Total Prediction - 4 Wins!!!

This is a really stupid exercise that before the start of every new season people want to predict how many games the Lions might win. There are many unknowns with this team that makes it difficult.

Some people are wildly optimistic, thinking with all the new blood they will win as many as 8 or nine games. I am not in this camp. I don't know how you could think such thoughts after last year's disaster. Their arguments run along the lines that the Lions defense is all-new (only two starters remain) so they will be a lot better. But how can we know if these guys are any better? You need to show me. An that can't happen until we play some real ball this Sunday.

I'm in the 'show me the money' camp. Our defense was awful last year and even though much of it has been replaced, I'm not too sure these guys are going to completely turn it around so quickly.

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