Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I'm Henrik Zetterberg and I'll take that burger to go."

I was getting a Lucky Burger this past Friday for lunch and the cashier asked me who my favorite athlete was. I asked why he needed to know this and he said instead of taking our real names for our orders it would be our favorite sports figures.

"Ok, Henrik Zetterberg," I said

"That's awesome," said the cashier. He had no idea.

The dudes who handled the orders were also bit confused. Who is that? Centerman for the Detroit Red Wings. Huh? I remember when the Wings had Sergei Fedorov on their team. I'm sure many a Red Wings fan are pleased that is still somebody's first association with the team.

These story seems a lot better when I tell it.

There was some misguided white dude who said Michael Jordan was his favorite player. I hate Jordan, the Chicago Bulls and feel sorry for that guy.