Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Rod

It's time for the Detroit Lions to show some compassion and fire their head coach. And they should also include his son-in law, who happens to be their defensive coordinator. Let's end this nepotistic anti-dynasty, give the jaws of life to some other poor soul and attempt to salvage this wreck of a season.

The firing arguments have evolved over the season. First, you had the sports radio die-hards who were onto coach Rod and how he talked a good game but couldn't help but notice the lack of wins, the lack of improvement of the Lions players and how they did the same things over and over again with the same unsuccessful results. Maybe this Tampa 2 defense is how you win games but when you hire a defensive coach and your defense is always at the bottom of the league in defense, something is wrong here. And, even worse than that, he is a defensive line coach and we've seen no improvement with our defensive line in three years while we've thrown big contracts at under performers.

Not it would be the compassionate thing to do to fire him. He hasn't been given the talent and he is drowning in this. He's too close to the action to see what's really happening. Set him free.

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