Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lions Lose

And I was oh so close in predicting the outcome. I said Redskins 27-16 and it turned out to be 25-17 with the Redskins just covering the 7 and half point spread.

Granted, we are talking about the Lions but still they had the lead at halftime. But as per the case in 14 of their past 15 games, they could not get the job done.

This is bad. Really bad. They will win one maybe two games if they are lucky but that's it. There is really nothing to look forward to until late January or early February when they hire their new GM.

There are calls in the local papers to fire the coach Rod Marinelli. Not so much because he is a bad coach, although based on the results I don't know why he might have the potential to be a good coach. No they are suggesting he get fired for humanitarian reasons. That he is too invested in this horrible team and since he'll be fired at the end of the season anyway, why make him go through this season where every Sunday will be like Groundhog's Day, with the Lions getting run over by whatever team they are playing.

I can see the signs at Ford Field now: Free Rod.

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