Friday, November 20, 2009

The Battle for #1

I never thought I'd see the day where the Lions would be battling later in the season to be #1...or wait...this battle is for the #1 pick in the 2010 draft. Ok, that makes more sense. So the Lions can become repeat champions as far as being the worst team in the league and getting the #1 pick if they lose to the hapless Cleveland Browns.

This game promises to be painful to watch so I guess it's a good thing that not many people will be watching. (Including myself -- it would be too embarrassing to request this game at my local bar even though they are sympathetic to my plight as a Lions fan.)

Anyway, here are my picks for Sunday. (BTW picked Carolina to beat Miami. That didn't turn out so well.)

Detroit (-3.5) vs. Cleveland Browns - When you are facing a team that has lost 31 of their last 33 games and you are still the underdog, you know you suck Cleveland. Of course the Lions were favorites once before this season when they faced the win-less St. Louis Rams and the kittens lost that game. I have no reason other than false hope and the fact that everybody says the Browns are historically bad to believe the Lions can win and cover this spread. But if it wasn't for false hope with the Lions, I'd have no hope at all.

Green Bay (-6.5) vs. 49ers - After last week's thrashing of Dallas, the Packers may be ready for a late season run. The 49ers looked horrible against the Bears this past Thursday and it's getting to that point in the season where a mediocre team like the Niners fade.

Pittsburgh (-9.5) at KC Chiefs
- This is a big point spread and you will notice in a bit that I'm going for the underdog on the big spreads, and KC actually has come through for me this season in terms of covering but got to go with the Steelers.

Washington Redskins (+11.5) at. Dallas Cowboys - Ok, here is where I start to step into the crazy zone. I'm sure after their embarrassment in Green Bay last week the Cowboys are going to want to put on a good show for the home crowd, and I know Tony Romo has some crazy record in November but this is a divisional game and I like the points here.

NY Giants (-6.5) at Atlanta Falcons - What is it with the point spreads and New York teams? There must be a lot of stupid degenerate gamblers who bet on these teams. I still hurt from picking the Jets last week with a similar point spread but the NY Giants know they have to win this game and the Falcons haven't looked so good (losing to Carolina last week.)

Buffalo Bills (+8.5) at Jacksonville - The Bills are going to win it for Johnny after their coach was fired on Tuesday. They tend to play well down south (or at least that's my foolish hope.)

Indianapolis (+.5) at Baltimore - What the hell is the point of a .5 point spread. So basically if the game were to end in a tie, you would win with the Colts. Let's just make it a pick em'. I love that line.

Tampa Bay (+11.5) vs New Orleans
- New Orleans has not been covering lately and Tampa Bay has been playing well. Plus, New Orleans has New England on their schedule next week so doing that whole cliche, they'll be overlooking the Bucs'this week.

Seahawks (+11.5) at Vikings - Taking the points again, the Vikings seem to keep it close at home and they were downright sloppy against the Lions last week. Seattle is pretty pathetic though. I'm sure I'll be hating this pick around 2 pm on Sunday.

Rams (+8.5) vs Cardinals - The Cardinals are for real and will no doubt win their division. But after the Rams played New Orleans tough I feel they will do the same with the Cardinals. Who are up and down but have been playing consistently well. Probably be hating this pick too about 2 pm on Sunday.

Chargers (-2.5) vs Broncos - Time for the Chargers to avenge that loss to the Broncos earlier in the season.

Bengals (-9.5) vs Raiders - After taking the Bengals over the Steelers last week, there is no rational way I can't take the Bengals against the Raiders. Although that west coast trip does seem to mess with people. The Bengals offense would love to put up some points and this is the team to do it against.

Patriots (-10.5) vs. Jets - This is a steep point spread. I've been here before with the Patriots where they won by 10 and still didn't cover. But I will never bet the Jets again after last week's debacle.

Eagles (-3.5) at Bears - I don't know what to think about the Eagles. They're all over the place. But the Bears are about to pack it in for the season. Jay Cutler sucks. All hype and smoke and mirrors.

Titans (+4.5) vs. Texans - Gotta take the team that's on a three game win streak. I'll take Chris Johnson and the points any week.

Last Week: 9-6
Season: 80-64

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