Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Greatest Detroit Lions Moments of the 2000s

It hasn't been all famine for the Lions this decade. After these two Lions victories, fans and pundits alike were asking themselves, "Could the Lions be for real?" Sadly, in both cases, the answer was no. Also interesting to contrast this with the Red Wings (2 Stanley Cups), Pistons (Championship, Games 7 Final) and the Tigers World Series Appearance during the same period.

October 24 2004 Detroit Lions 28 New York Giants 13
Perhaps the greatest game Joey Harrington ever had as a pro, the Lions came into the Meadowlands and put the hurt to the Giants. Harrington was super efficient completing 18 of 22 passes with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions for a 141.8 passer rating. That win improved the Lions record to a respectable 4-2 and was their third consecutive road victory. They would finish the season 6-10.

November 4 2007 Detroit Lions 44 Denver Broncos 7
The Lions blow out the Denver Broncos at home and finish the first half of their season 6-2. Highlights of this game included an interception touchdown by Shaun Rogers. Since this victory, the Lions have won only three more games through parts of three seasons.

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