Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I Learned Today

For the Lions, 16.5 points is just not enough. After watching the game, I'm amazed they came as close as they did. They continue to be pathetic in all facets of the game with the offense becoming more and more hapless each game and the defense constantly surrendering the big play. The offensive line was horrid. Our quarterback took a beating. On the other hand, the other bad teams perked up as the Redskins, Buccaneers, Chief and Rams all covered the spread and in the case of Chiefs (against Oakland - not a big deal) and Redskins (are the Bronco's done?) actually won their game.

My kicking myself pick of the week is undoubtedly taking the Jets against the Jaguars. As I wrote earlier, I am always on the wrong end of the Jets score. And I should have known they would not win today when the cover of the NY Post included a quote from their owner that said the Jets would make the playoffs this year. After today's loss that is not going to happen. They're done.

The team of the week is the Bengals. They have now beat both the Steelers and the Ravens twice this year and are atop that division at 7-2. Always nice to see a once sad sack franchise claw themselves from the bottom.

I went 3-1 in the 4 o'clock games to salvage the week. I should have known the Packers would play well -- their season would have spiraled out of control with another loss -- and the Cowboys were due to come back to Earth.

New England and Baltimore come through and I'm looking at 9-6.

UPDATE: Awesome ending for the the Colts/Patriots games. The best of all possible worlds. The Colts win and the Pats cover. And Bill Belichick makes one of the most bizarre coaching decisions of all time.

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