Monday, November 30, 2009

I called it May 8,2009 (4 months before the season started.)

I clicked on my user name at the MLive form and found this gem from early May. If you can only be disappointed by high expectations, the Lions season is turning out pretty much as I expected.
I'll believe a Lions turnaround when I see some victories. Keep in mind that last year not only did we not win ONE game but we were completely non-competitive. The Lions have lost 23 of their last 24 games. We may have had a few close games but teams knew they could take a week off and still get a W. We are worse off than an expansion team with our culture of losing and acceptance of defeat and humiliation. Four wins would be a HUGE improvement. People who talk about 7 or 8 wins are kidding themselves.

Posted on Overhauled Lions give reason for some optimism on May 08, 2009, 11:15AM

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