Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes You Eat the Bar and Sometimes...

Perhaps the gods sensed my sarcasm when I titled my picks post 'Lucky Week 13'. Because as it turned out I had no luck or maybe it's I got no skill. Because I'm licking my wounds after a disastrous Sunday. The secret to my fine record this season is consistency. Never doing great but slow steady results, In fact, this is only my second losing week of the season. But both have been epic. While not quite as bad as my 3 win week 8, this could turn out to be only one game better.

Analyze. Where did I go wrong? First of all I was an idiot to choose so many big favorites. Basically any team that was an 8.5 points or higher favorite did not cover and I picked all of them including the Bengals (won by 10, spread 13.5), the Bears (won by 8, spread 8.5), the Saints (won by 3, spread 8.5), the Steelers (lost by 3, spread 11.5) and the Chargers (won by 7, spread 12.5). Why I picked all the favorites with such high point spreads I'm still trying to figure out. But that's the killer right there. The difference between a good week and an epic fail.

Then I broke one of my golden rules: never bet against Indy. They easily covered 7 in beating the Titans. And then I took the Texans. Huh, did I really do that. They were done last week after blowing the lead to Indy.

Which leaves the rest of the games? The four I did win (Eagles, Broncos, Dolphins & Giants) and shoulder shrug losers Vikings to Cardinals, 49ers to Seahawks and Bucs to Panthers.

Better luck and more research next week.

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