Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Canada

Great article in the NY Times this week about how the Canadian NHL teams are doing better financially than their U.S. counterparts with the narrowing of the exchange rate between the Canadian and U.S. Dollar since 2002.

In fact, some of the most valuable franchises are those in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, which is to be expected. We're talking large global metropolises with plenty of hockey loving fans.

Of course you get into the article and the good news is tempered by the idiotic thoughts of Gary Bettman who talks of expansion. While putting franchises in Quebec City, Winnipeg and another Southern Ontario is a great idea, the league needs to contract, and give up this dream of spreading to the sun belt.

The NHL should go something like this:

Original Six

Boston Bruins
Chicago Blackhawks
Detroit Red Wings
Montreal Canadians
New York Rangers
Toronto Maple Leafs

Original Expansion
Buffalo Sabres
Pittsburgh Penguins
Minnesota Wild (formerly North Stars)
Philadelphia Flyers
St Louis Blues
LA Kings

Canadian Teams
Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers
Quebec City
Ottawa Senators
Toronto (2nd Team)
Winnipeg (maybe)
Vancouver Canucks

The Rest
Colorado Avalanche
Columbus Blue Jackets (pains me to keep this franchise but it does make some sense.)
Dallas Stars (We hang on to this Red State team by virtue of their Stanley Cup championship)
San Jose Sharks
Kansas City (NY Islanders should move there. Sorry NY fans but three hockey teams in one area is too many.)
Washington Capitals
NJ Devils
Carolina (move their asses back to Hartford)

Lose Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa Bay (deserve to find new home because 2003-04 Stanley Cap Champions), Miami, Anaheim (I guess they stay too with their Stanley Cup. Damn this is tough) and Phoenix. If the old folks down in Florida want to see some hockey, let's send them the Charleston Chiefs.
Do this and then you'd have something to work with. Of course this will never happen because all the money the owners paid out (and were paid) for these expansion teams and six less teams is 120 + less professional hockey players.

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