Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Touchdowns In (Week 14 Picks)

A rare Thursday night win for me. Not only did the lowly Cleveland Browns cover they beat the now reeling Steelers. I'll let that victory set the tone for my picks. Go with the underdogs.

Ravens (-13.5) vs Lions - Looks to be another dismal Sunday for the Lions. Rookie Stafford will not be playing making the game not worth watching.

Saints (-9.5) vs Falcons - This is a pretty steep line but the Falcons got smoked at home by a team that is not nearly as good as the Saints last week.

Colts (-7.5) vs Broncos - It's just never wise to bet against Indy. Can't see the Broncos able to keep up with all the scoring.

Bills (-.5) vs Chiefs - Gotta pick one team.

Jets (-3.5) vs Buccaneers - I don't think the Jets are going to the playoffs but I'm pretty sure they will have no trouble beating Tampa on the road.

Dolphins (+2.5) vs Jaguars - Dolphins are a strange team. Hope they keep their recent December winning streak alive.

Seahawks (+6.5) vs Texans - Texans are done.

Bengals (+6.5) vs Vikings - Hoping for a low scoring affair.

Panthers (+13.5) vs Patriots - New England is winning this game. Just not convinced it will be a blowout. But if it is I would not be surprised.

Rams (+12.5) vs Titans - A lot of points for the Titans. Too many.

Raiders (+1.5) vs Redskins - Gotta pick one team.

Chargers (+3.5) vs Cowboys - Tough call. Cowboys desperately need this game. But the Chargers are on cruise control.

Eagles (+.5) vs Giants - Could easily go either way on this game.

Cardinals (-3.5) vs 49ers - Taking the Cardinals because I am so disgusted the 49ers lost to Seattle last week.

Last Week: 5-11
Season: 101-91

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