Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Mock Draft #1

So in keeping with the pathetic-ness of being a Detroit Lions fans I am already trolling the Internet for 2010 Mock Drafts. It's way early to do such a thing and find anything close to the way reality will play out with the playoffs and the Super Bowl still here for the next few weeks and the NFL scouting combine out there somewhere in March, or whenever it is. But what can can you do, if only there was a fast forward button so your NFL franchise could get better, faster, that would be awesome.

As Lions fans know, we made amazing progress this year. Whereas last year, we had zero wins and the number one pick this year we won two games and choose second. Now we have to hope the Rams do what we did last year, and that is pick a quarterback. Because you need a quarterback, everybody knows that and especially an underclassman from a program that did not win much of anything when the QB played there. (i.e. Jimmy Claussen)

So I never visited this Draft Site but they had full 7 round NFL mock draft. Talk about parlor games. Not sure how these guys make their predictions but I was loving it and here's what their crystal ball said about who the Lions will pick.

Round 1 - Gerald McCoy, DT - (Oklahoma) - Now the best player in the draft, the beast from Nebraska is Ndamukong Suh who these guys think will go to the Rams. So dare to dream that the Rams take the QB so the Lions get him. Interestingly, Suh's mother is from Jamaica and his father from Cameroon and the two met in Portland, Oregon. I'm sure we're going to hear a ton about this guy (his motor, his desire, his play making ability, how much he eats, how he doesn't care if he goes to the Lions or the Rams, that he just wants to play, etc.) But nothing about his background. Except for those of us curious and tech savvy enough to visit his Wikipedia page. But enough about him, McCoy is a fine runner up and is exactly what the Lions need.

Round 2 - Greg Hardy, DE - (Mississippi) - I love these Draft Site guys already, having the Lions sensibly choose two defensive linemen with their first two picks. (Also like these guys because they put the full 7 round mock on one web page. No clicking!) I just hope the Lions are as smart although we could also use the best player available strategy if that player is a cornerback or offensive linemen.

Round 3 - Jon Asamoah - OG (Illinois) - We do need a guard and here we mock one in the third round, really like what these guys are doing.

Round 4 - Ted Larsen - OT (North Carolina State) - Man, I want to hire these guys to be the new GM's of the Lions. They are doing what the Lions never do but need to do so badly and build in the "trenches." So four picks and we've got two beasts for the defense and two hogs for the offense. We're talking well over 1200 pounds of football players - a good value.

Round 5 - Ed Wang - OT (Virgina Tech)
- Now maybe getting a little crazy. Another linemen? We need some toys. Maybe a wide receiver, a running back or at least a cornerback.

Round 6 - Zoltan Mesko - P (Michigan) - They lost me here. A punter? Nick Harris is actually one of the better ones as long as he doesn't give the guy a chance to return the ball. I'd rather head coach Jim Schwartz make a pledge to never punt the whole season than draft a punter here. (Though we do punt a lot so maybe this does make sense.)

Round 7 - Kerry Meier - WR (Kansas) - We actually traded this pick to the Bills but we do have another selection later in the round. I'm all good here. Another guy to run under Matthew Stafford's well thrown balls. Your team should be good enough where a 7th round pick has trouble making the team.

One guy who was not in this mock draft who I'd like to learn more about is Joe Webb, QB, Alabama/Birmingham. Apparently, he was the first person in NCAA history to pass for 2K yards and rush for 1K yards in consecutive seasons. He also can play WR. Might be cool to build some wildcat offensive plays around him.

More Mockery

The Bleacher Report (in a lame slideshow format) concurs with Gerald McCoy to the Lions at number 2.

Walter Football has better news for the Lions: Ndamukong Suh in round 1. Then Jahvid Best, RB, California in the 2nd round and then Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky in the 3rd. (Actually this was the closest to what really happened. Good Job!)

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