Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lions hand off the Losing Baton to the Pistons

Ok,I'm excited because the Lions have to be at their absolute rock bottom. The full decade record is in and it's ugly: historically ugly. The Lions in the oughts were 33 wins against 111 losses which has been capped by a 3-37 record in their last forty games.

But I'm all for looking at the positive. For the first time in forever we don't have to worry about drafting or acquiring a quarterback (or sticking with the crappy one we have) this off-season. The one we drafted #1 seems to be pretty good and he's only 21.

The Lions NFL defense (just barely, ranked last the past three years) has improved with players they chose in the last draft. We even had three rookie starters that may anchor the middle for years to come (DT Sammie Hill, LB Deandre Levy and S Louis Delmas.)

Hopefully the teens bring mediocrity to the Detroit Lions. I think they have it in them.

The Wall Street Journal conducts a Misfits Bowl and the Lions win with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 27-17.

No relief from the losing with our NBA team. The Pistons losing streak goes to 11.

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