Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wrapping up the NFL Regular Season

My first season picking all NFL games against the spread has come to an end. The final record is 136-120. That was good enough for the 97.3% percentile on ESPN's Pig Skin Pick em (4,215 of about 130,000 entrants.) Which I must say is pretty impressive but I do get the feeling a lot of people dropped out halfway through the process. The winner chose 156 of the games so I do have a ways to go although if I had only picked 1 more winner a week I would have made it close. And take away my two disastrous weeks and put me on that big board as a winner.

Thankfully the Lions season is now over. No more suffering through their ineptness. Now comes the best part of being a Lions fan. Who they will take with the second pick in the draft? Hopefully some sort of monstrous defensive lineman. So I will be checking this list often.

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