Friday, January 15, 2010

NFL Picks: the Divisional Round

I didn't officially make picks last week but trust me I did well. Four games, four wins. Haha. Just kidding although I had a strong feeling about the Baltimore Ravens and that will continue into this week. The only game I missed on was the Packers loss to the Cardinals. Still bummed about that one.

Baltimore Ravens (+6.5) vs Indy Colts - Going to push my luck and pick the Ravens and say that they'll make it two years in a row as the #1 seed spoiler in the AFC. History suggests the Colts don't do well with the extra week and the high seed and I think it'll be deja vu all over again.

New Orleans Saints (-7) vs Arizona Cardinals - New Orleans will win this game but the game could be close. New Orleans has been horrendous against the spread the second half of the season. The Saints actually had a decent defense before injuries and they are getting some of those players back. The cover is a bit tough but Brees can dial up scores like a good pinball player.

Minnesota Vikings (-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys
- The Cowboys are the hot team and they could very likely win this game but until they beat a good team in an important playoff game not going to be the chump who bets on them. Vikings 8-0 and average 33 points per game at home.

NY Jets (+7) vs San Diego Chargers - Everything has to go right for the Jets to win and when does that happen for the Jets in a big game. Chargers have been here before and should pull this one out. But I think 7 is a big spread so I say the Jets cover.

Last Week: 3-1 (Really, I swear)
Season: 136-120

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